Working with inclusive, creative and methodologically sound processes

that merge participative and analytically focused approaches.

Master the methodological tools and language for strategic definition.

Business Scenario Planning

Consulting Process

Leverage the future for your company.

Build and train your team's Future Foresight skills with ALVA, certify them with GIMI.

From awareness of relevant future driving forces to a detailed balanced scorecard.

A comprehensive and participative process merging Strategic Sustainability, Foresight/Scenarios and Innovation.

Experience Co-Creation

Consulting Process

Enhancing customer experiences and strategically valuing the supplier. 

Future Insights

Skill Building

Creating a strong foundation for organizations to start designing their own futures and evaluate business ideas. 

Shaping the Future

Skill Building

Capacity-building and tools for future thinking.

A series of workshops organized as a cooperative game.

The Unstoppables

Skill Building

A tool to acknowledge change and build solutions.

Tailored Projects

Skill Building / Consulting Process

Reach out and let us know how we can help your team be future-proof, sustainable, and strategic.